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BYM is..back? o.0 -xKevin- Profile Message Wall 10:17, April 11, 2015 (UTC)

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  • -xKevin-

    Hi, this wiki is currently recruiting new admins and a new bureaucrat.

    To apply, simply comment on this blog with a reason why you should be chosen as admin or bureaucrat. 


    -Active at leas…

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  • -xKevin-

    Read first: 


    As you can see, BYM seems to work for both of us, and since I'm technically the owner of this wiki . . .you get the point :P


    I can't seem to find any official announcem…

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  • -xKevin-


    May 15, 2014 by -xKevin-

    Guessing the petition didn't work..sigh.

    Well, it seems like BYM will never come back. I've actually moved on to another game just like BYM, but they are not android racists like Kixeye. It's called C…

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  • -xKevin-

    This wiki is closed, but I just did this, as a final resource on reviving BYM

    Sign it, and go kill Apple


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  • -xKevin-

    Wiki CLOSED

    March 23, 2014 by -xKevin-

    Since I'm the only active user here, and BYM Fb has no updates, fixes, or even any replies on what's going on.

    I blame Apple for this, they use all their money for bribing, and then making crappy phon…

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Last Poll Results: Q:BYM or BYM U?

BYM won, take that fruits. (yes..Apple)
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  • edit Outpost Defender
    edited by Jonathan71101 4 days ago diff
    Summary: photo of outpost glitch


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  • edit Outpost Defender
    edited by Jonathan71101 4 days ago diff
    Summary: glitch about main yard outpost defenders
  • edit Outpost Defender
    edited by Jonathan71101 diff
    Summary: glitch about npc yards
  • edit Bugs
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    Summary: Alliance bug

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