General Information

The Attack Log can be seen from a tab just above the game screen. It records details of your attacks against other players as well as their attacks against your base.

The Attack Log can help you in many ways:

  1. They allow you to know the weak spots of your base. They tell what kind of monsters the enemy used to attack you and what buildings where knocked out first, that way you can improve the defenses in that certain area.
  2. The attack log tells the time of the attack, using this information you can find out when the player usually logs on and plays. If you analyze well you can beat the player to playing and attacking you.
  3. The attack log also tells you the pattern of attacks, so if the attack can destroy your base and your base has great defenses, you might as well try and imitate the attack.


  • Unlike the other buttons on the same tab on Facebook's Backyard Monsters, (Free Gifts, Invite Friends, Discuss, etc.) you're the only one who can see your specific attack log.

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