{nd land monsters.
Aerial air defense tower2
  • They are also known as AA towers or ADT in the forums.
  • Aerial Defense Towers are extremely effective in killing Fomors.
  • Make sure your Aerial Defense Tower is well protected from land monsters (Behind a wall or behind a NEC [Never-ending chain])
  • Do not put your Aerial Defense Tower outside your base as they will be easily destroyed by Crabatrons or Ichi.
  • Most people like to catapult this gun. Place your ADTs where catapulting is not preferred (next to silos but not next to other towers)
  • This is one of the strongest and most important towers in the current metagame, the other one being the Railgun.
  • The ADT has a high range, so use it to its full potential.
  • If there are less flying monsters than the salvo amount, then the ADT will fire more than one shot on a single monster, so it's not advised to send a lone Teratorn (unless you like taking 4200 damage from a level 6 ADT).
  • It is the most effective at defending against a Level 3+ Fomor.

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