Who are this wiki's administrators?

You can find an actual list of all the administrators on the BYM Administrators page, the (active) admins are also listed in the Administrators menu on top of this wiki.

About the admins

In this section, admins may add a little summary about their role on the wiki.

Color coding: If the border is gray, it means the administrator is inactive


Main activities
Monitoring wiki, adding updates, having fun :P
active users


Main activities
Photoshopping, GIF's, Majority of image work
Minecraft, Photoshop, Facebook, BYM, Macs
Windows, Roblox, Griefers, little mistakes in Photoshop


Main activities
Deleting outdated info, general cleanup of the wiki
-Polite users
-Unreasonable ban time


Main activities
User communications, cleaning, styling, template building, behind the scenes work
Nice talk page comments, well structured and properly categorized pages, files etc.
Situations that could have been prevented if people had read the Community Guidelines, capital and bold text overkill. The visual editor.

Contacting the administrators

Select an administrator from the 'Administrators' list on top of this wiki, this will bring you to the selected admin's user page. You can leave them a message on their talk page by clicking the 'Leave message' button and add a new topic. You may also edit the page to leave a message in an existing article.

Becoming an administrator

This information can be found on Backyard Monsters Wiki:Requests for adminship.

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