Note that while not all commonly used abbreviations are listed here, these are the ones to do with buildings, designing and defending. All of these abbreviations are known throughout the forums and wikis, and you may have heard a few of them before:

Abbreviation Meaning
TH Town Hall
Trap Could be referring to either a Booby Trap or a Heavy Trap
Silo Storage Silo
ADT Aerial Defense Tower
DP Damage Protection
Champ Champion
Cataprone / Catapultable A yard that is easily catapulted
CC Champion Cage
RG Resource Gatherers/Harvesters
YP Yard Planner
WMB Wild Monster Baiter
MB Monster Bunker
HCC Hatchery Control Center
MR1 Map Room 1
MR2 Map Room 2
MR3 Map Room 3
BYM Backyard Monsters
scrs Resources
OP Outpost
EB Empire Builder
UH Under hall
MB Monster Bunker
ST Sniper Tower
CT Cannon Tower
QT Quake Tower
MT Magma Tower
BD blocks Black Diamond Blocks
Incs Incubator
rDave Rocket D.A.V.E.s
Invisibrain Brains with Invisibility
Tera Teratorn
Octo Octo-ooze
PX Project X
KWs King Wormzers
DamN Damn NEC



Never ending chain/Never ending chain of Resource Harvesters/

Never ending chain of blocks (lure blocks)/

Never ending chain of towers


Annoying resource gatherers of Horror

THDT/SDT/TDT Town Hall Death Trap/Silo Death Trap/Tower Death Trap
BDB Big Dumb Bunch (cataprone, almost no pathing)
VBDB V shaped BDB

Yard of The Week

Other Abbreviations



Abbreviation Meaning
PPX Puttied Project X See more information in PPX
SDT/THDT/OPDT Silo Death Trap/Town Hall Death Trap/Outpost Death Trap See more information in THDT/SDT
CF Concentrated Firepower
NEC Never ending chain
NECoRG Never ending chain of Resource Gatherers
PS Puttied Sabnox (the new PPX)
PIB Puttied Invisibrains
PG Puttied Grokus (the new PIB)
Nuke 10M Pebbles/5M Twigs
KF Kixeye forums

More of them here.

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